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A good portion of working  americans pay thousands of dollars each year for disability coverage to protect themselves and their families from unforeseen events  such as  accidents, illness or injury that prevents them from being able to work . Unfortunately many insurance companies do whatever they can to try and prevent paying disability claims.

Both  individuals and groups purchase these term disability insurance products and expect them to kick in and replace a healthy portion of their income  in case a circumstance arises where they are no longer able to provide for themselves and their loved ones  any longer.

These policyholders spend a great deal of money in insurance premiums for this protection and deserve the benefits that they were promised. Unfortunately, term disability  claims are often unfairly denied.


  Unfair   Claim   Denial 

If you are disabled and  unable to  work you  are  entitled  to  collect disability benefits from your insurance  provider. If your  claim   has  already  been denied we encourage you  to seek  legal  help  !!

  • Long  term 
  • Short Term
  • Indivdual    Policy  Holders
  • Group  Policy  Holders


Bad faith insurance practices are well known to legal professionals, but they often come as a surprise to the individuals who are the victims. Every year thousands of legitimate disability insurance claims are wrongfully denied by companies like  Hartford .


If   You were One  Of  The Thousands  Of People Whose  Benefits  Were Unfairly  Denied Or  Low Balled By Hartford, Let  Us Help   You Get The Settlement  You  Deserve ! 

If you are one of the many thousands of people whose benefits were unfairly denied or low-balled by Hartford, or if you can’t get a straight and prompt answer about your case from personnel at Hartford , or if you have any other problem with this terribly difficult insurance provider, you should consult a  Disability Claims  Attorney for help. A legal specialist can get the case resolved much more quickly and effectively than if you try on your own, perhaps with a settlement or court award as appropriate.

Group Plan Policyholders – ERISA

Most group disability insurance plans that are provided through employers fall under the jurisdiction of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 or ERISA. This law allows the insurance plan’s administrator to decide if a claimant is disabled. Disability insurance plan administrators will often deny claims, if a doctor or nurse hired by the insurance company doesn’t believe the claimant is disabled.  

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          According to the National Safety Council, over 25 million people suffer a disabling injury in the U.S. each year, and a high proportion of these injuries require only a short absence from one’s work.

However, for most Americans, the loss of even a days worth of income, let alone the loss of a year -or  permanent disability, where the claimant may  never  work  — can cause a great deal of worry  and financial suffering, particularly if the disabled person is the principle breadwinner in a family.


Americans purchase disability insurance to provide financial assistance when they need it the most. Disability insurance benefits are intended to replace between 40 to 60 percent of an individual’s gross income if they become disabled and are unable to work. Unfortunately, many legitimate disability claims are often unfairly denied by the disability insurance companies.

Hartford   short-term coverage has also been the subject of many legal claims, since the company has been just as adept at denying short-term benefits as they have at long-term benefits. In fact, it’s possible that Hartford  and its   affiliates  have denied and short-changed more policyholders with short-term coverage, since such policies are  so very common, based on needs for disabilities due to (for example):

  • Back Injuries
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Maternity Leave
  • Short-Term Recovery From An Injury


      If your disability claim has been unfairly denied by  Hartford   or one of the company’s affiliated companies you may have valuable rights. Hartford  has been the subject of investigations surrounding high rates of denied disability claims.

 Hartford  Has Systematically Denied  Disability Insurance To Many Of  Its  Policy Holders.  Hartford  And Its Subsidiaries  Have Been Subject To Numerous Lawsuits For Illegally Refusing To Pay Valid Disability Claims 



Do you have a claim against  Hartford  ?

     If you have made a claim under a long-term disability policy provided by or administered by Hartford  or an affiliate company  and have had your claim denied, or if your claim was granted and then later terminated, you still may be eligible for substantial additional benefits.


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