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If You Or A Loved One Suffered  An Injury Due To No Fault Of Your Own. Contact Us Now For A Personal Injury Attorney.   No Cost, No Obligation  Legal Review, 1-888-603-1766, 24hrs.   

 We Only Get A Small Percentage When We Win Your Case.  Otherwise  You Owe Us Nothing !

On this website you will have the  information you need to make an intelligent decision about initiating a lawsuit against  a Pharmaceutical Company,  Insurance Company, Medical Device Company, Maritime Service Company or Toxic Exposure Injury Claim.  You will also be taken through the steps involved in the actual trial if an out of  court setttlement is not  reached (see  the faq for details).

Personal Injury Attorneys have recovered millions of dollars  on behalf of  the victims their families for injuries and losses related  to  Prescription Drug  Side Effects, Failed  Implants, Rejected  Insurance Claims, Injury At Sea and Toxic Exposure.

Why A Personal Injury Attorney ?

 If you  or  a loved  one   suffered  an injury or  loss due to  the negligence of another you very well might be entitled  to  receive compensation for the pain and suffering you or your loved have endured.

  If you are a family member  who  has  lost a loved one  you are  entitled  to seek damages for your loss.

   You need an experienced Personal  Injury Attorney to represent  your interest. Historically an attorney will  have a much greater  chance in success  than  you as an individual person trying to fight a case on your own.


 For Valuable Information And To See If You Qualify, Click On The  Subject Link  Most Appropriate To Your Case Anywhere on  To Begin A Free Review Or Call ! 

Real Life  Examples Of Personal Injury  

Deadly  Prescription  Drugs:

    For  example, you  take a medication to relieve your acne and  have a terrible reaction, you suffer a  heart  attack, stroke or kidney failure. No one  told  you the risk or warned you, about the possible side effects of  this   drug.  Perhaps because  the  manufacturer hadn’t properly disclosed  the  side effects to the  public.

Defective Hips:

      You need  a  new hip, you undergo a  serious  painful  operation  to replace your faulty failed hip,  allowing you to regain your  mobility once again. You  recover at home under go painful physical therapy and  you are out  of work for  weeks. After all of that pain and   suffering, inconvience  and  loss  of income your  finally  feeling  like  yourself, until …….

        You realize  your not getting  around  so  well again,  you  have  pain  and  swelling.  Your  doctor  tells  you  that your  implant  has  failed,  you must  undergo  another serious and  painful  operation. There’s  the possibilty   toxic  medical  particles  have entered your body,   Now What ?

 Insurance  That  Won’t  Pay :

   Though no  fault of your own,  you  become  seriously  ill, perhaps   injured  at  work, you require  a  lengthly  hospital stay, bills are mounting.  Chances  are you  will  never  work again. You are  the principal breadwinner in the  family.

       No problem, you have term health insurance,  it will  cover all of your medical  needs  and replace a healthy portion of your income. In good  faith your claim is  turned into the insurance companyconfident that the insurance company has you covered. Next  thing you know  your  claim  has been unfairly  denied!


Dangers  In  The Work Place:

   If you are  a worker in any  number of  industrial related fields  there is a good chance that you have been exposed to hazardous substances, mainly those being Asbestos and Benzene.  Both substances  are  present  in  many   everyday working enviroments. In case you  were  unaware,  these  substances  are  linked to serious  and  deadly forms of  cancer and other illness’s.


    Dangers  At Sea :

     One  of  the most  dangerous occupations  are  for those of us who work at  sea. People working on shipping  vessels, fishing  boats, oil platforms, cruise ships any marine envirements work  daily in the most dangerous enviroments risking the  possibilty of  serious injury,  such as broken  bones, brain and spinal cord  injurys , loss  of limbs, even   the loss of life.

  When   there is  a  loss many  times  claims are  not  fairly resolved in favor  of  the victim. There are very stringent laws  governing losses that  happen  at  sea  and how the victims and families should be compensated. It  is not  uncommon to get an attorney involved to  make  sure  that you  or  your  family is fairly treated when the unexpected occurs.

We Are Here To  Help You Receive The  Benefits And  Compensation That  Is  Due  For Your  Loss,  Injury or Insurance  Denial .   

 If  You can Answer Yes To Any Of These  Questions, There’s a Good  Chance That You Might Have A Case  And Be Eligible  For Monetary Compensation:

  • Have you or a loved one taken  a  prescription  drug  and suffered a serious side effect or reaction?  
  • Did  you receive a hip implant that failed ?
  • Were you or a loved one injured or  killed at  sea ?
  • Has your term disability insurance claim  been denied  
  • Did you suffer due to the exposure of harsh chemicals, solvents?         

   We   are  here  to  help and advise you that you could be eligible for monetary compensation. Legal Specialists are standing by and for a limited  time  are offering a free, no obligation consultation  to  discuss your  legal  options. 

   It  Is Your Legal  Right To Seek  Compensation For Your  Loss, Whatever That  May Be. In  Other  Words   You Or  Your  Loved   One  Might  Have Legal Recourse  For  Your Pain, Suffering , Lost   Wages,  Medical  Bills, Damages  And  More, From The Ones That  Have  Harmed  You !   

Due  To The Statute Of  Limitations  Time Is Running Out  To  File Your Claim, And Growing  Shorter For  Everyday That  You  Wait .



 If  You  Or  A  Loved One  Suffered  From  One  Of   The  Following  Or  Similiar Medications, Please  Click  On  The  Button  Most Appropriate To Your Case, You Will  Find An Attorney Contact Form Embedded In The New Page As  Well As  More Valuable Information

     If  You Suffered From  Exposure  From Benzene Please Contact  Us  Now!  Help Is Available . 

Insurance  And  Disability Claim Denials:

      If you are one of the many thousands of people whose benefits were unfairly denied or low-balled by  your  insurance company you should consult an Insurance Claims Attorney for help.If you  can’t get a straight and prompt answer about your case from personnel at your carrier.

    If you have any other problem with a difficult insurance provider. An attorney can get the case resolved much more quickly and effectively than if you try on your own, perhaps with a settlement or court award as appropriate.

If   Your  Insurance  Disability  Claim  Was  Denied  Or  Low  Balled  By  Any  Of  The  Following  Companies  Our  Experienced  Attorneys  Can Help :

   Handling  Maritime Claims.  If  You  Have   Been Injured  At  Sea, Our  Maritime Litigation Specialist Is Available .

Maritime Litigation

Prescription  Drugs, What  You  Need  To  Know

  Ever  taken  a  prescription  drug and  gotten sick  to your  stomach, dizzy, light  headed  or even passed out ?  Did you know  every prescription drug on the market has  side effects ? Yes, this is true every drug has a side effect. Every  individual is affected differently though. 

     Some  people might experience no side effects while another person could have  a deadly reaction . Even something  as simple as  an  aspirin,  even  vitamin  supplements if not taken as  recommended can  cause medical injury. A  prescription drug taken with certain foods or drinks or even  a vitamin could cause a complication or adverse reaction.


    Personal  Injurys  May Include:

  • Liver Damage
  •  Damage To The   Heart  Including  Heart Failure And  Or Heart  Attack
  • Birth Defects In  New Borns
  • Devastating   Gastrointestinal   Disorders
  • Cancer
  • Bone Destruction   and   Fractures 
  • Uncontrollable Body  Movements
  • Stroke
  • Suicide     or  Suicidal   Thoughts 
  • Complications   With    Hip   Replacement Devices
  • Health And Disability  Insurance Claim  Denials

Drug Manufacturers  test  drugs  extensively including clinical trials  before making them  available for general  consumption,  but until a drug has been on the  market for a period  of  time  and  enough people have taken it, the  full effect is unknown.

  In some cases it was believed that the  drug companies   knew a  particular drug was hazardous and  hid  information from  the general public  thus  exposing patients to  serious risk. By exposing the risk  associated with a  prescription drug the pharmaceutical companies have billions of dollars at   stake !!

 See  If  You Qualify To Receive  Monetary  Compensation  For Lost  Wages, Damages, Suffering, Pain, Medical Bills, Long Term Health Care And Other Related  Cost.      


 Toxic Exposure Cases:  

   If you or your loved one was exposed to Benzene   and developed either  MDS or AML due  to  toxic   exposure, you are pre-qualified for a free, no-obligation  consultation with a  Injury Attorney who will go over your legal rights, and discuss  getting you compensation for medical  bills, lost  wages, pain and  suffering that  you have  endured.


Your Consultation Is Free  And You  Have  Nothing  To  Lose

    You will hear  from  us  within  24  hours. Don’t take a chance with an attorney not experienced with drug, chemical and insurance related cases. Our Attorneys are specialist in  Personal Injury Law they handle nothing but Prescription Drug Injurys, Insurance Denials,  Maritime Law and  Toxic Exposure Cases. Your situation will be evaluated  by our legal network and  you will be contacted by an attorney who’s knowledge and  expertise  will  be matched  to your own particular needs. 

How A Personal Injury Can Help:

   As sad and unbelievable as  it may seem,  injurys by the things that we know and trust  happen daily to people just like you and me, leaving individuals and  families vulnerable as well as  emotionally and financially devastated by these sometimes tragic circumstances, this  is  a reality  today. 

     What ever your situation  is, we  are  here  to  help. We  will handle the most challenging legal scenarios, allowing you to  take control of your life and heal from the problems you are facing. Your attorney will be fighting your case and will keep you updated as needed.  

    Our goal  is  to be  there to give you and  your family the support, kindness and  understanding  that  you need in this time of  grief and hardship.  Giving  you confidence knowing that  you  have  a have a legal professional  working  and looking out  for the  well  being of you and your  family  in this  time of  need.  

      Alleviating  some  of  the  worry, stress and trauma will  you  allow you  to put your energy and strength  into yourself and  your family and deal with the crisis at hand. Leave  the  burden of a  complicated legal scenario to  a  professional 

   Tell us your problem  so  that  we  may  begin to help. Again  this  consultation is free  and  there  is no  obligation. You  will  not be  pressured  in  any way, it is your  decision  whether   any legal  action  is  taken .

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Due To The  Statue Of  Limitations Which Varies From State  To State, Time Is Limited To File Your Claim, Please Don’t Wait !


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